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Lucie Skavská
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Here I am, again, finally!!! :-)


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Saturday – early set off for Le Marin in Martinique, the original starting point port, waiting in a queue for the petrol, boat return at 10 am, hanging in the marina bar for drinks and food before heading early to the airport, late 9.30 pm depart, overnight flight to Paris, lost but found suitcase, delay in Paris, finally in GVA shortly after 8 pm
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Friday - set off for a come back to Martinique, unexpected 2 hours delay caused by a bad contra wind, landing at a port close by then, staying overnight. Not really in mood for picture taking as mainly the same as all those pics taken before, plus just sea only as far as you can see, huge waves, upset stomach, looking like drunk zombies while trying to walk about on the cata
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Thursday – exploring St. Lucia, visiting the volcano bath, putting mud all over our bodies and faces, washing it off and bathing in the hot 38 C springs, continuing to see two waterfalls, being guided by a local through “the jungle” to reach the Diamond botanical garden
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Wednesday – early morning set off back for St. Lucia but mooring at a different port, long cruise for about 9 hours again
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Saturday – two different paradise islands exploration, morning and afternoon trips, swimming from and back to the boat with the life jacket on, snorkeling, New Years spent at the beach with lobster dinner organized by the locals
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Friday – early morning exploration of an island, starting at about 6.40, coming back for 10 am boat departure, cruising only for about an hour to another island called Mayreau, exploring the island there, walk at the coast, village, inner island
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Thursday - Bequia market in the morning, buying fruits, veggies and fish, afternoon set off for Canouan , cruising for about 3 hours only


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